American Flags being waved on the lawn of the United States Capitol building celebrating domestic violence policy for women

Our Policy Issues

Through years of advocacy efforts, VIP has developed a strong presence and has emerged as a liaison to the community. We strive to improve policies around housing, homelessness, gender inequality, and immigration. These policies deeply impact NYC neighborhoods – especially domestic violence victims and survivors.

*Check out the Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence 2017 goals and recommendations.* (Published May 2017).

These are some of the policy issues affecting our clients and their communities most:


Out of 28,000 supportive housing units in New York City, less than 100 are reserved for victims of domestic violence.



Gender Pay Gap

Around 90% of victims face financial abuse that takes years to correct. On top of that, the gender pay disparity means that white women earn about 0.78 cents on the white man’s dollar, black women 0.60 and Latin@s 0.50 cents. 



75% of undocumented immigrants are women and children. Almost half of our clients are undocumented. Fear of deportation often prevents victims from calling the police or leaving their abuser.