Eliazar Suriel, Director of Finance and Operations

Eliazar Suriel

Director of Finance and Operations

Eliazar Suriel was born and raised in New York City and is the son of immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic who arrived in the United States in 1980, the year he was born. Eliazar graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2003 and earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, becoming the first person in his family to graduate from college. Upon graduating, Eliazar worked in the financial services sector for five years specializing in mortgage preparation and small business lending. In 2008, Eliazar began working in the non-profit sector at East Harlem Business Capital Corporation, helping small business owners in East Harlem with financial management and bookkeeping. In 2013, Eliazar joined VIP as a part-time bookkeeper and later that same year went on to become the Senior Accountant. In 2015, Eliazar was promoted to Comptroller to oversee all of VIP’s fiscal department. Most recently Eliazar was promoted to Director of Finance and Operations where he now oversees fiscal, maintenance and operations at VIP. Over the  years, Eliazar has overseen a VIP budget that has grown from $3.2 million to over $8 million.

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