Rosaana Conforme Campuzano, PhD, LCSW, Deputy Executive Director of Programs

Rosaana Conforme Campuzano, PhD, LCSW

Deputy Executive Director of Programs

Rosaana Conforme Campuzano is an indigenous immigrant Latinx survivor of family, sexual, community, and medical violence. She holds a Ph.D. from Fordham University School of Social Service, a Master’s degree in Education in Counseling from Hunter College, and a Master’s degree in Social Work from Fordham University. Rosaana is an LCSW licensed to practice in New York State and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. She currently serves as VIP’s Deputy Executive Director of Programs.

For 20+ years, Rosaana has raised awareness around the impact of systemic, structural, community, family, and intergenerational violence on Latinx immigrant survivors of domestic and sexual violence and trafficking. As a qualitative researcher, Rosaana incorporates a trauma-informed framework and cultural lens to research and addresses the inequities that limit or prevent Latinx communities from participating in research studies. Her Ph.D. dissertation focused on the delayed and non-disclosure of child sexual abuse among Latinx immigrant adult survivors. As a direct service provider, manager, and leader, Rosaana incorporates human rights as a framework for understanding and addressing the multiple barriers immigrant communities face in accessing health care, housing, food, public education, and employment. As an activist, she has used an intersectional approach in educating service providers on how different layers of oppression prolong a person’s psychological and emotional distress, how it limits their agency, and how it impacts their spiritual, physical, and cultural well-being. Rosaana uses a trauma-informed lens and client-centered practice to empower clients and advocate for their rights at different systemic levels. As a social justice leader, Rosaana recognizes the importance of creating allies and working towards eradicating the different layers of oppression and discrimination, such as race, class, and gender, that marginalized communities encounter every day.

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