Economic Justice Program (EJP)

Creating stability for survivors with methods that increase income and savings.

EJP creates long-term stability for survivors by using unique and culturally relevant methods to increase income and savings. EJP provides survivors with small grants to start their own businesses, financial workshops and personalized financial coaching to help them build alternative sources of income. The program is designed to support survivors who face challenges in finding traditional employment opportunities due to challenges related to immigration status, financial trauma, etc.

EJP services include:

  • Financial Workshops: We offer workshops in financial literacy, labor rights, job readiness, and skill-building to nurture small business ventures

  • Achieving Goals: We support survivors to obtain their vocational, entrepreneurial, and educational goals

  • Financial Management: we help survivors to open bank accounts, file taxes, and learn budgeting skills

  • Marketing and Online Sales: learn how to market your small business and develop skills for online strategies, including how to develop web pages, establish social media accounts for small businesses, and create engaging promotional videos

If calling is inconvenient, please leave us your information and the best time to contact you, and we will reach out as soon as possible. Our hours of operation are 9 AM-11 PM, Monday through Friday. If this is an emergency, call 911.
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