Preventing domestic and sexual violence is the key to ending cycles of abuse, and prevention starts with youth. VIP offers culturally specific preventive education workshops that center the experiences of Latinx youth and unpacks the complicated interplay of culture, gender roles and systems that enable violence. When prevention isn’t possible, intervention is critical. Through educational workshops and info sessions, VIP raises awareness about the negative impacts of domestic and sexual violence and shares resources for survivors who need support.

We offer workshops on these topics:

DV 101

This introductory workshop explores the dynamics of domestic violence in intimate partner and dating relationships. Participants will learn about different forms of abuse, how to identify warning signs and where to get help.

Reproductive Rights

This workshop was developed after the Supreme Court ended the federal right to abortion established in Roe v Wade. It helps to define “Reproductive Justice” and explores the relationship between reproductive control and gender-based violence. Topics covered in this workshop include bodily autonomy, comprehensive sex education, medical racism and reproductive coercion. Participants will be provided direct resources local to the NYC area.

Elder Abuse

In the United States, an estimated 5 million older adults are victims of abuse each year. From financial scams to physical violence and negligence, this workshop explores the unique dynamics of elder abuse within intimate partner relationships and more broadly.

Teen Dating Violence for Parents

This workshop is designed to support parents and caregivers of teens and young adults in deepening their understanding of the dynamics and warning signs of teen dating violence. Participants will have the opportunity to role play having difficult conversations with the young people in their lives and be provided resources to build on their learning.

Youth Curriculum

Our youth curriculum provides teens and young adults with the tools they need to recognize harmful attitudes and beliefs that condone violence in our society, starting with their own relationships. This bilingual curriculum is composed of six interactive workshops that discuss and challenge violence in various manifestations that youth may encounter in their lives. You can request individual workshops or the entire series:

Roots of Violence

Breaking down the meaning of power, privilege, and oppression to help participants understand how and why violence operates in our lives and communities.

Gender Roles

What’s gender got to do with it? A lot! In this workshop we discuss the differences between ‘sex’, ‘gender’ and ‘sexual orientation’ and learn to identify and challenge gender stereotypes that enable and perpetuate gender inequity.

Teen Dating Violence

Did you know that NYC’s Domestic Violence Hotline receives an average of 1,400 calls from teenagers each month? In this workshop, teens learn to identify different types of abuse and common red flags in teen dating relationships.

Digital Abuse

Staying safe IRL and online is more important than ever. Roughly 25% of dating teens report experiencing digital abuse by their partners. This workshop gives young people concrete tips and action steps to enhance their online safety.

Affirmative Consent

Understanding consent is essential to prevent sexual violence. This workshop goes beyond “no means no” and helps teens think through what it means to ask for and to give consent. Through role play and open discussion of sexual violence, teens walk away with a clear understanding of affirmative consent and ways to protect themselves.

Be an Ally

We keep each other safe. In the culminating workshop of our youth curriculum series, participants are empowered to avoid the bystander effect by seeing themselves as part of the solution to stopping the spread of violence in their communities. Participants will learn how they can intervene effectively and safely and feel encouraged to put their learning into practice

All of our workshops, presentations and materials are available in Spanish and English.

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