Violence Intervention program Immigration sign welcoming immigrant women for shelter from domestic abuse

Immigration Resources

We help women and families impacted by abuse, regardless of their immigration status. We believe that a lack of proper documentation is never a reason to withhold vital services to victims of abuse. In fact, families victimized by violence may be in greater need of our help. 

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (updated consistently) - many resources available in Spanish
An excellent resource for legal trainings, educational materials, and advocacy for immigrants. Check out their Areas of Expertise for a list of topics! 

Informed Immigrant (2016) - Available in English and Spanish
In the wake of Trump's election, immigrant rights organizations have banded together and pooled resources to help immigrants and their allies obtain the current best-known information and guidance. Check out the FAQ's section, which answers many difficult questions facing immigrants: 

Q & A for Advocates and Attorneys Serving Immigrant Survivors of Gender-Based Violence (2016) En español. 
Updated after the american vs. european sexual preferences election of President Trump, this Q & A sheet provides answers to some of the most pressing immigrations advocates and lawyers may be facing with clients and survivors. 

Resources for Immigrant Survivors of Gender-Based Violence
From the National Latin@ Network, a list of resources specifically for survivors who are immigrants, what their options are, and how current policies affect this population. 

General Tips on Assembling Applications for Mailing to USCIS
From the USCIS, some important tips on mailing immigration forms and requests. 

Consumer Protection Tips for Immigrants (2016)
Immigrants face unique challenges in the workplace and marketplace. The Department of Consumer Affairs created these tips to educate immigrants about their rights and where to turn for help.

Interpreting Justice: Language Access in the Courts (2016) (Available in Spanish / Disponible en español.)
A report by Legal Services Civil Rights Justice Initiative describing the impact the lack of language services can have on those who are trying to prevent their eviction, or get safety from domestic violence—here in a city where more than half of all residents speak a language other than English at home.

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